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A Game Plan to Prevent Drinking and Driving Accidents This Holiday Season

Alcohol and car keys

The holiday season is in full swing, and for many people, this is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Over the coming weeks, many Americans will be attending or hosting more than one parties or get-together to catch up with their friends and family and celebrate. In this kind of atmosphere, there is no shortage of alcohol, and that’s one of the primary reasons why the period between Christmas Eve and New Years Day continues to be one of the most dangerous times to be on our nation’s roads.

Over the past decade, approximately 41% of all personal injuries and fatalities between Christmas (38% of all traffic deaths on Christmas involve a drunk driver) and New Years Day (54% of all New Year’s Day traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver) were alcohol-related. With that in mind, our car accident lawyers want to remind you that, while we know everyone looks forward to celebrating the holiday season with those close to them, it is incredibly important that we all do so responsibly. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Our law firm want to make sure you and your family get home safely from your holiday parties, so if you are planning on attending one of these gatherings here are some important rules to follow:

Have a Game Plan—If you and your family are going to a party where you know you will be drinking, designate a driver before you leave for the location. This can be as easy as asking one of your 16+ year-old children to drive, or touching base with everyone in your group to find a willing volunteer. If you don’t have this luxury, look up local taxi service or like-service and put their numbers in your phone ahead of time.

Watch Out For Yourself and Others—If you absolutely have to drive home after the party, drink very sparingly, and ensure that anyone else who plans on driving home does the same, especially if you are hosting the get-together in question. Don’t be afraid to take a friend’s keys, or refuse to let them leave if you think they are endangering themselves by driving.

Drive Defensively—Just because you and your group chose to be responsible, that doesn’t mean guarantee that everyone around you on the road did as well. Even if you are completely sober while driving home, be extremely cognizant of the fact that drivers may act unpredictably, and be ready to react to hazards when necessary.

Remember that any time you choose to drive, and especially when you choose to be a designated driver, you assume responsibility for yourself, as well as all of the people around you; this is nothing to take lightly. Having a game plan to prevent drinking and driving accidents this holiday season doesn’t just keep you safe, it keeps us all safe.

Enjoy your holiday!