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Levin & Perconti Reach Million Dollar Settlement Following Nursing Home Pressure Sore Development


Bed sores are “the” prototypical nursing home injury caused by neglect. Also called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, these sores pop up on far too many residents after they enter a nursing home. The consequences of the injury are severe, and on many occasions they contribute to an elderly resident’s death. Yet, no matter how well-known the risks and how extensive the prevention options, time and again nursing home caregivers fails to act properly to prevent and treat these sores.

Because of our decades of experience on nursing home neglect cases, we have a team of Chicago pressure sore attorneys who are very familiar with the injury, how it develops, and how it could have been prevented. We are proud to work with many families whose loved ones have suffered serious harm (or died) as a result of caregivers poor actions related to bed sores.

Illinois Pressure Sore Lawsuit
For example, our team recently reached a settlement in a pressure sore case in Illinois. An 88-year old man entered the defendant-facility in late June of 2007. At that time he had a serious pressure that had developed on his sacral area. Obviously because he had the sore at the time of his admission, the facility cannot be faulted for its existence. However, they knew of the pressure sore and so they were obligated to properly treat it so that it did not worsen. In addition, knowing the resident’s risk, they were required to prevent the developed of other bed sores.

Even though that seems like a straightforward caregiving plan, the facility in this case failed. In fact, less than three months later, the man was transported to the hospital because of medical complications. At that time it was discovered that the initial sore had not been handled properly, allowed to grow even larger in size and severe in effect. In fact, the hospitalization itself was caused by the harm from the ulcer. But it didn’t end there. In his short time at the facility the man had also developed three other bed sores, including a severe stage IV ulcer on his left hip. Several of those wounds were ultimately infected, and the treatment needed to deal with the sores was extensive. He had debridements, wound vac therapy, and at-home care after multiple hospitalizations.

Eventually the man’s family reached out to our pressure sore lawyers to investigate the matter. A lawsuit was filed alleging that the facility violated care standards when they failed to properly treat the initial sore and prevent the development of other sores. Last month a settlement order was entered in the case in the amount of $1 million. The settlement ensures the family was able to hold the facility responsible for their poor care and are spared the need to go through a lengthy trial process.

If you suspect that a loved one may have suffered in similar ways, please take a moment to call our office. There is nothing to lose by visiting with an attorney to learn how pressure sores injuries are often a consequences of nursing home neglect.

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