Illinois Injury Lawyer News Brief

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The Chicago personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Levin & Perconti publish seven blogs to deliver current news and information relevant to our practice. These blogs allow our clients, fellow attorneys, and the public to stay informed on some of the most important issues our field faces today.

Illinois Injury Lawyer News Brief

One of our publications—the Illinois Injury Lawyer News Brief—is a weekly compilation of entries which highlights some of the most important news covered on our blogs. Each issue features informative articles and current news on:

You can view them by clicking below:

Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Blog

Levin & Perconti also publishes a blog dedicated to keeping nursing home residents and their loved ones informed about instances where nursing homes have caused injuries and, sometimes, even wrongful death. In many cases, our firm represents the estate of those who are victims of wrongful death. Some of these posts include:

Illinois Medical Malpractice Blog

We also provide an educational blog concerning medical malpractice issues; cases ranging from medical professionals using the wrong materials for various procedures, hospitals which fail to provide adequate treatment, surgeons that do more harm than good, etc.—mistakes that can cause lifelong injuries, the need for rehabilitation, and in some instances, the death of our loved ones. Some of these posts include:

Illinois Injury Lawyer Blog

Personal injury cases are related to all of the other areas involving negligence and injuries, including medical malpractice, auto accidents, products liability, which involve someone getting harmed. Some of those topics have covered:

Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer Blog

A child’s birth is often the happiest time in his or her parents’ lives. No one can predict that something will go wrong, leading to a lifelong injury to the baby or mother, or even worse, death, but it actually happens at an alarming rate. When debilitating conditions are developed as the result of negligence during the birth process, sometimes litigation is appropriate to ensure that justice is done and your family is taken care of. You can read about some of these instances here:

Chicago Brain Injury Lawyer Blog

Head injuries that cause trauma to the brain can lead to severe brain damage, sometimes even leading to additional lifelong medical and emotional issues such as depression, migraines, trouble focusing, and other issues. Some of our brain injury blogs include:

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Blog

Even if technology overall may be improving, the number of car accidents each year isn’t necessarily decreasing in response, in large part because distracted driving is a huge issue, especially for young drivers. In addition, as areas become more and more populated and more people are driving, more and more pedestrians and bicyclists can get injured and killed as well. And many more individuals are in danger of being injured due to regulations being too relaxed concerning helmet laws for motorcyclists, or regulations that pertain to airbags in cars, etc. Some of these topics are discussed below:

Illinois Truck Accident Lawyer Blog

Truck accidents are some of the most deadly on the road, often because of the relative size of the vehicles involved. In addition, although federal and state regulations require truck drivers to take breaks so as to reduce fatigue at the wheel, sometimes these regulations are violated and/or drivers still become fatigued and someone gets hurt as a result. You can read about some of these accidents here: