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Bolingbrook Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Our law firm is here to help victims in Bolingbrook achieve justice if a medical provider’s mistakes caused them to suffer serious injuries or death. Many of our new clients have questions about what a medical malpractice lawsuit is and how to go about filing a lawsuit against a hospital or doctor, so we tried to answer some of these most common questions below. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 312-332-2872, 877-374-1417 or email us today for a free consultation.

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What is a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Illinois medical malpractice lawsuits are filed by victims injured by the medical mistakes or misconduct of a doctor, dentist, nurse, nursing home worker, or other health care professional in a hospital, office, or clinic. These lawsuits may be filed by the victim or the family member of someone wrongfully killed to recover economic and non-economic damages, including but not limited to those for past and future medical bills, lost wages, disability, or pain and suffering.

In addition to helping victims recover compensatory damages, lawsuits also motivate healthcare professionals and facilities to provide better care to patients in order to avoid future litigation.

How do I Choose the Best Medical Malpractice Attorney?

In order to get the justice you deserve and receive fair and reasonable compensation, you need to choose a firm with the experiences and resources needed to handle your complex medical case. You should look at a firm’s record of verdicts and settlements to make sure that they have experience successfully handling cases similar to yours. You should also make sure that the firm has access to a wide network of resources (medical experts, etc.) that may be necessary and helpful in handling your type of medical malpractice lawsuit.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

The time limit on filing a lawsuit varies, but in Illinois the statute of limitations for a medical malpractice claim is typically two years from the date the injury first became known to the victim, or reasonably should have become known to them. Every case we handle is unique, and the statute of limitations can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, so it is best to contact an Illinois medical malpractice attorney immediately if you think you have a case to make sure you do not miss your chance to file.

How Much Will a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Cost Me?

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys recognize that it is hard for injured victims to cover the cost of filing a lawsuit, so we operate on a contingency basis. This means that you will only pay us an agreed-upon percentage if the case settles or we receive a verdict in your favor with a monetary recovery. A medical mistake leading to serious injury can weigh heavily on the victim, after all the hospital bills, lost wages and other costs. This system gives all victims fair and equal access to the courts, by allowing them to take action even if they are faced with financial hardships.

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Levin & Perconti is a law firm based in Chicago, but our medical malpractice lawyers have helped injured victims all over Illinois. We have handled all types of medical malpractice cases ranging from misdiagnoses, misread x-rays, nursing home neglect, birthing errors as well as many other types of medical mistakes. This experience has given us the knowledge to represent clients in even the most advanced medical cases, so contact us today to discuss your potential case with one of our lawyers. Please call us at 312-332-2872 or 877-374-1417 or email us to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your legal options. During this free consultation, we can determine if you have a case and if we may be able to help you pursue legal action.

About Bolingbrook, Illinois

Bolingbrook, Illinois is a village located partially in Cook and partially in Will County. As of the 2010 census, the population of the village was around 73,000. Bolingbrook is considered a suburb of Chicago and is relatively “new” as it was first incorporated in the 1960s. Bolingbrook is home to many health care centers and hospitals including Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital which is a newer hospital with a great deal of new technology and a complete women’s health center.