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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawsuits

We understand that most families do not know where to turn when a loved one is injured in a nursing home. Our experienced team of nursing home lawyers is here to help you. We have the financial resources and experience needed to handle all types of complex nursing home matters.

Has your loved one suffered bed sores, falls or other devastating injuries in a nursing home?

Do you suspect that his or her injuries were the result of nursing home abuse or negligence?

Many of us have no choice but to place loved one—or have ourselves placed—in a nursing home or assisted living facility because our health and/or medical-related needs must be monitored by trained staff. In this sense, we rely on these homes to provide excellent care.

However, neglect and/or abuse in these homes is far too common. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, there is an increasing trend in abuse, where at least one in 10 adults experience abuse (not including financial abuse) and an overwhelming number of cases of abuse, exploitation, and neglect go undetected and untreated each year, with major financial exploitation representing a significant percentage of them.

If you have any suspicions that abuse or neglect may be occurring, it is crucial to act quickly. If you are sincerely concerned about either yourself or a loved one in an assisted living facility, particularly for those who have already suffered a significant amount of damage, you may want to consider bringing a lawsuit. For over twenty years, our attorneys have fought to protect the safety and well-being of nursing home residents throughout Illinois. We were among the first law firms in the country to handle nursing home cases and we have recovered over $660 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients. As a result of this experience, nursing home owners and insurance companies know our name, and they know that we will never settle a client’s case for less than fair compensation. Call us today at 312-332-2872 for a free case review with an experienced nursing home lawyer.

How to Tell if There’s Been Abuse

There are some warning signs associated with abuse and/or neglect in nursing homes, including but not limited to:

  • Seeing pressure sores (also known as bedsores or pressure ulcers)
  • Hearing about falls and/or fall injuries
  • Signs of physical or sexual abuse, such as unexplained bruises or cuts, brain injuries, or your loved one being too afraid to speak to you or answer your questions
  • Seeing sudden weight loss can be indicative of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Changes in behavior can indicate medication errors and/or fear of abuse
  • Poor hygiene, unclean, or foul-smelling living conditions can be a sign of neglect