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Improper Use of MRI Machine Led to Serious Injuries


The use of diagnostic and testing equipment is a necessary part of the diagnosis and treatment of many medical conditions. When we go to a medical facility for tests we expect that the employees will keep us safe from harm and will take precautions to make sure to properly operate the equipment. A recent lawsuit filed in Cook County indicates that a woman was injured during an MRI procedure. The lawsuit is requesting a jury trial and damages in excess of $50,000.


An MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, is a medical test that utilizes magnetic pulses along with radio wave energy to view the internal organs and other areas of the body. An MRI is a special piece of equipment that has specific requirements. The MRI is different from a CT scan. During an MRI, the patient’s body passes into a unit where it must remain still for a period of time while the testing is done. The woman states that the machine was not operated properly and that the MRI machine was not of an adequate size. As a result, the woman suffered physical injuries to the left side of her body.

Negligent Care

The medical personnel that operate MRI machines must be properly trained in the use of the equipment. MRIs may be either open or closed. The closed type may have been utilized in this case. The equipment may not have been the right size to accommodate the woman, or she could have been improperly positioned on the table. Whatever the reason, the woman sustained injuries because of the negligent care provided. The medical professionals should have been more careful and should have noticed that the woman was not aligned to fit into the machine.

Physical Injuries

The woman suffered from severe injuries to the left side of her body. The injuries included burns due to her placement on the equipment. The woman states that the injuries are very severe and were probably very painful. The lawsuit does not indicate whether the injuries are permanent, however, burn injuries often require continued medical treatment including the possibility of skin grafts to repair the damage. Additionally, the woman will likely have scarring and disfigurement because of the burns to her body. These injuries could have been prevented if the technicians were more careful while operating the machine.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

When a patient suffers a serious injury because of negligent care, it is considered medical malpractice. In this instance, the woman may request damages to cover her medical expenses, lost wages, future treatments, and pain and suffering caused by the injury. The lawsuit was filed against The University of Chicago Medical Center, as well as several health providers. The lawsuit states that insufficient measures were taken to prevent her injuries from occurring. If you or a family member was serious injured because of a medical mistake, call the legal team at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

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