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Legionnaire’s Death in Nursing Home Blamed on Neglect

Legionnaires disease

Legionnaire’s disease is a serious and often deadly illness that can be acquired through contaminated water. A woman living in a local nursing home died after acquiring legionnaire’s disease while under their care. The woman’s family filed a lawsuit against Warren Barr Gold Coast alleging that their negligent care caused the woman’s death from legionnaire’s disease. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County and is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionnaire’s disease is an inflammation of the lungs, similar to pneumonia. It is a very serious and often fatal disease that is highly contagious. The infection is caused by bacteria called legionella. The disease is not spread by person to person contact but instead through a contaminated water supply. Most often, victims get the disease by inhaling contaminated air. The disease was named after the first known cases in which the victims were part of a group of Legionnaires who were participating in a convention at a hotel.

How Legionnaire’s Disease is Transmitted

After much research it has been found that legionnaire’s disease is transmitted by inhaling or drinking infected water. In many cases, the polluted water is distributed through a dirty air conditioning system. Other times, the source has been found to be a contaminated fountain. Dirty ice and water containers may also be to blame. The woman in this case allegedly contracted the disease by ingesting water and ice that contained the bacteria. The beverages were provided by the nursing facility.

Treatment of Legionnaire’s Disease

Prompt treatment with antibiotics is the typical way to resolve legionnaire’s disease. Although most patients will fully recover with a strong course of medication, some will not. Those who are older or have compromised immune systems may have difficulty fighting the infection. Complications can occur and antibiotics may be ineffective. The best chance for a full recovery is with prompt diagnosis and fast treatment with adequate medication.

Nursing Home Neglect

The woman in this instance reportedly contracted legionnaire’s disease while living in a nursing facility. Apparently the woman got the disease from the water or ice that was served to her while she lived in the nursing home. The nursing home is neglectful because they failed to take measures to prevent the disease from getting into the water supply. They then negligently served contaminated water and ice to the residents. The staff members did not adequately supervise or monitor the patient’s care and the woman died as a result. The family of the deceased woman is seeking compensation to cover damages incurred because of the neglectful care. Damages typically include medical costs associated with the injury and punitive damages such as money for pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. In cases where the victim died, additional compensation may be requested to pay for funeral expenses.

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