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Texas Gas Leak Explosion Leaves Multiple Wounded

Gas Leak Explosion

Texas Gas Leak Explosion Leaves Multiple Wounded

A suspected gas leak is thought to be the cause of an explosion that destroyed multiple houses and injured six people in Plano, Texas earlier this week.

On the afternoon of Monday, July 16th, an unexpected explosion occurred in a house occupied by a single male resident. The resident of the home was transported to the Medical City Plano. The neighboring house on the east side was also severely impacted due to its proximity to the blast. The home was being rented by the Jagielski family. Mother Jennifer, father Philip, and their three children were immediately transported to different hospitals for treatment. The children are out of the hospital and staying with their grandparents, but the parents are still being monitored. They are primarily receiving treatment for cuts caused by debris, according to CBS reporter Andrea Lucia.

According to reporting by Fox 4 KDFW, Jennifer Jagielski physically shielded one of her children from the blast. The child in question was recovering from a recent hernia surgery, so the family was tending to him in the master bedroom on the east side of the house, when the blast occurred. Neighbors responded to the incident, aiding the family in exiting the house and calling for help.

At this time, an investigation regarding the exact cause of the blast is underway. Fire investigators say signs currently point to an isolated gas leak, but the cause of the explosion is still unknown and no further details have been shared. It’s believed that the explosion happened within the home occupied by the single resident, but parsing out the details may be difficult due to the extensive structural damage that occurred. This information comes from a recent Facebook post created by Plano Fire-Rescue.

No other homes are thought to be in danger at this time, according to Plano Fire Captain Peggy Harrell.

Atmos Energy and CoServ Gas are the providers of natural gas to homes in the area. It’s unclear who will be held liable for the explosion. This would not be the first time that Atmos Energy has been involved in such an incident. In 2018, a gas explosion caused the death of a 12-year-old girl. As a result, Atmos is facing a record $1.6 million in fines due to safety violations on their part, which included a failure to detect the gas leak for months before the fatal explosion.

This is a developing story and more information will be added as it becomes available.

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