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Choking Death Lawsuits Against Nursing Homes

Did Your Loved One Suffer Serious Injuries or Die as a Result of Choking in a Nursing Home? If so we may be able to help you seek fair compensation for your injury or loss. Our lawyers have represented clients in nursing home abuse and negligence lawsuits for over twenty years, including a number of cases involving choking injuries or deaths.

Choking in Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents often have medical problems or take medications that make it difficult to properly chew or swallow food. Due to this, many are at high risk for choking.

Choking, by depriving oxygen to the brain, can cause brain injuries, and even death. While such an injury may appear to be accidental, in some instances choking is a result of nursing home neglect. When this is the case, it is important that nursing homes are held accountable for their fatal mistakes.

All nursing home choking lawsuits are unique, but we often see cases involving residents who had special dietary needs but were fed the wrong food or residents who were not properly monitored by staff while they were eating. These failures often occur when nursing homes do not employ sufficient staff to address the special needs of each of the residents under their care.

If you believe that a loved suffered serious injury or death as a result of choking in an Illinois nursing home, you should take action quickly. Contact us online or call us at 877-374-1417 or 312-332-2872 to set up a free and confidential consultation with one of our lawyers to review your case.

Some of our most notable choking lawsuits include but are not limited to:

$1 million


against assisted living facility who admitted liability for failing to give a proper mechanical soft diet due to understaffing and poorly trained staff resulting in choking and death of a 67 year old man



against a Lincolnshire intermediate care facility for failing to appropriately supervise a 32-year-old mentally disabled woman on a facility outing where she choked to death



for the death of a 76-year-old Hickory Hills man who died after choking on solid foods in a nursing home. Staff failed to follow his physician’s dietary orders to only give him pureed food



for the family of a 47-year-old Chicago nursing home resident who choked to death after the nursing home failed to provide him with a proper diet or supervise him during meal time