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Lawyer for Abuse & Neglect Cases at ManorCare Nursing Homes

Understaffing Leads to Poor Care ManorCare Nursing Homes

With the Illinois Department of Public Health receiving nearly 19,000 complaint calls, and as many as 5 million elders being neglected or abused in the United States each year, at Levin & Perconti, we understand that it’s hard to put your trust in a nursing home.

Nursing homes and health care facilities may not necessarily appear negligent on the surface, but the reality is, for-profit nursing homes are a money-making business. Some may cut corners by hiring inexperienced and incompetent staff, some others may try to squeak by with minimal staffing, which even with the best, highly trained CNAs and nurses, is going to end up resulting in poor care, which is what we see evidenced at many ManorCare facilities.

At Levin & Perconti, we encourage families to become well informed about the history of staffing issues and any previous health citations or violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act before selecting a nursing home or health care center for their loved one. Having an accurate picture of the facilities care history can give you peace of mind in your selection and can protect loved ones from potential neglect and abuse. It may even save their life.

Taking a Closer Look: ManorCare Nursing Homes

At Levin & Perconti, our nursing home attorneys actively research the level of care at Illinois nursing homes, health care centers, and assisted living facilities. We review current public data, including the health and safety violations and citations that have been issued by the State of Illinois and Medicare.

These quarterly violation reports are public records available through the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Official US Government Website for Medicare. Our research has shown that many Illinois nursing homes consistently score “below average” or “Well below average” on Medicare’s Nursing Home Overall Rating score; several of these are ManorCare facilities. These poorly performing facilities continually receive health violations, citations, Medicare payment penalties, and fines. Many times, it is a direct result of understaffing.

Of course, negligence and abuse can happen at any nursing home or healthcare facility. In many cases, negligent care is a direct result of intentional understaffing or hiring inexperienced and marginally qualified staff, as an effort to save money – and increase profits. ManorCare boasts comfortable settings, and a warm, caring environment. The reality is, many ManorCare facilities are not delivering. HCR ManorCare operates health care centers, long-term care, Alzheimer’s and dementia centers, and palliative care facilities nationwide, with over 40 locations in Illinois, including;

  • ManorCare of Arlington Heights
  • ManorCare of Elk Grove Village
  • ManorCare of Hinsdale
  • ManorCare of Homewood
  • ManorCare of Libertyville
  • ManorCare of Naperville
  • ManorCare of Northbrook
  • ManorCare of Oak Lawn East
  • ManorCare of Oak Lawn West
  • ManorCare of Palos Heights East
  • ManorCare of Palos Heights West
  • ManorCare of Utica Ridge
  • ManorCare of South Holland
  • ManorCare of Rolling Meadows
  • ManorCare of Westmont

Lack of adequate staffing led to unsupervised residents that are listed as high risk for falls, leaving them alone long enough for them to fall and be found sitting on their bottom, landing him in the ER.

Failures in pressure ulcer prevention and care, combined with lax incontinence care (leaving the resident in soaked incontinence briefs on multiple observations), leading to extensive bright red, raw areas on a resident’s behind.

Unsanitary kitchen conditions with dirty food prep areas, food temperatures and dates opened not recorded, and non-functioning warming tables leaving residents with unpalatable and potentially unsafe food.

Careless transfer of a resident, leading to a painful injury requiring surgery; simply because a staff member didn’t follow care instructions.

Sloppy medication delivery leading to error rates over 5%, multiple errors in insulin administration, and arbitrary application of a topical medicine that has a specific dosing card included that aids with proper application.

Failing to provide privacy and dignity to residents, leaving residents’ private areas exposed with curtains open and door ajar while waiting on other care staff to address wound care issues.

Failing to provide hygiene care for multiple residents; some were observed with overgrown fingernails with black substances under them, some with overgrown facial hair that they noted they wanted off, and still others were noted to have an offensive smell.

Multiple failures in incontinence and catheter care, leaving urine collection bags unemptied, catheter lines left unsecured, careless clean-up of residents after changing soaked incontinence briefs.

Nursing Home and Elder Abuse Cases Handled by Levin & Perconti

While not all ManorCare facilities are routinely understaffed and delivering sub-par care, our research reveals several locations are, and the reality is, negligent care and abuse can happen at any nursing home. Levin & Perconti are widely-known and well-respected elder abuse and nursing home neglect attorneys, representing families and residents of nursing homes and health care centers who have been hurt while under their care as a result of abuse or neglect, as well as the families who have lost their loved one under these circumstances. These cases have included matters like:

These are preventable issues that should not be happening in any environment, but particularly heartbreaking to know these things are happening to our vulnerable elders. If you have concerns about the staffing levels of your loved one’s facility, or if any treatment of your loved one while in the care of a ManorCare facility has left you feeling uneasy, we can help. You have the right to know what kind of situation your loved one is living in and ask questions about their care.

These hard questions should be met with clear and honest answers, any misdirection or malevolence should not be tolerated. Negligent care is unacceptable, and these life-changing events should not occur. If a loved one has suffered while in the care of a ManorCare facility we can help. Your inquiry may save your loved one from abhorrent negligent care, abuse, and may even save their life.

Levin & Perconti is one of the most widely known and well-respected nursing home neglect and elder abuse law firms in Illinois. We have achieved multiple million-dollar verdicts and settlements for the families and residents who have been affected by abuse or negligent care as a direct result of understaffing, poor training, and apathetic business practices.

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