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How I Can Help Women Caregivers?

Video Transcript

As a female lawyer, I often find that many of my clients who seek my help in the first place are women. This comes in 2 different situations. Usually, this occurs in birth injury cases and in nursing home cases. In birth injury cases, often a woman seeks out my assistance because they feel that during the course of their labor and delivery, something has happened that has caused harm to their child. And as a woman, I’m able to relate to these women. I understand what goes into the prenatal care, the birthing process. I’m a mother myself, so I understand that women often have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to childcare. When your child has been injured at birth as a result of medical malpractice, oftentimes, the women have the charitable giving role in this situation. Women may find that because of the needs of their children and that the child who’s been brain injured or brain damaged, it’s not economically feasible to continue working. It may be that you feel that there needs to be specialized care provided to your disabled child, and you’re the only one who can give that care. Oftentimes, women are the ones who have to miss their job when children are experiencing illness or when children who have disabilities have doctor’s appointments or therapies. I think many of my women clients enjoy being represented by a woman who has had to take on a caregiving role, who has had to coordinate medical care amongst her own family members. And this is often the challenge that many women, either wives or daughters caring for ill family members, take on. I understand the challenges that you’re going through in managing the care of your loved one and trying to keep everything else you have going on in life straight. I can present your case to a jury, and I can present your case to the world as someone who understands and can sympathize with what you’re going through.

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