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How Long Will My Case Take?

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m John Perconti, one of the founding partners of Levin & Perconti in Chicago. Many clients often ask us, how long will it take for my case to get resolved? Well, that answer can vary, but generally speaking, there are 2 time periods involved. The first time period is when we are retained as your attorneys until the lawsuit is filed. The second time period involves the time from the lawsuit being filed until the time that the case actually gets to trial. This time can vary. For instance, in the circuit court of Cook County here in Chicago, Illinois, it takes approximately 36 to 42 months once a lawsuit is filed to actually reach a trial judge. The investigation process involves obtaining all necessary documents, medical records, so that these documents can be reviewed by the attorneys and by any experts if necessary. Following a full and complete review of these documents, a lawsuit is prepared and then filed in the court system. Once the lawsuit is filed, and the parties are served with a copy of that lawsuit, the discovery process begins. This time process can vary depending upon the complexity of the case. Many of the cases that Levin & Perconti handles are complex litigation cases. This means that many depositions will be taken of witnesses, doctors, and experts. We want to resolve your case as quickly as possible for the most amount of money without compromising your rights. The defense being paid by the hour wants to drag it out as long as they possibly can. The actual length of your case could vary. For instance, your case could settle any step along the way or not settle until the time of trial. Each case is unique and dependent upon its own facts. If we are already working for you on one of our existing cases and you want a status of your case, or if you have a new matter you would like to discuss with us, please contact us on our website at, or call us at 312-332-2872. Thank you.

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