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What Are The Steps of a Lawsuit?

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Steve Levin, one of the founding partners of Levin and Perconti. What are the steps of a lawsuit? There’s the investigation, there’s the filing of the complaint, there’s the discovery, there’s depositions, and eventually there may be a trial. Let me discuss with you each of these steps. When you entrust us with your lawsuit, our first task is to thoroughly investigate the facts. This investigation might include hiring investigators, hiring expert witnesses like doctors and nurses or product safety experts. We want to ensure that when you give us your case, that we have thoroughly and completely investigated it before we start the process. Once the investigation is completed, the next step is actually filing the lawsuit. A lawsuit starts with a complaint. A complaint informs the defendant what they did that caused your injury. That complaint is then served on the defendant and then the defendant, through its insurance company, hires a lawyer to defend the action. The third step is discovery. Discovery means that we serve papers on the defendant asking them questions about the circumstances surrounding the wrong that has been caused you. They’re forced to answer those questions and produce documents to us that will help us successfully prosecute your claim. By the same token, the defense is entitled to ask us questions that we discuss with you and then we answer. Also involved in the discovery process is what lawyers call depositions. You will have to come down and give a deposition, which means the lawyer representing the defendant will question you under oath with a court reporter present. We know that for many people, this could be a scary process. But rest assured that at the time your deposition takes place, you will be so thoroughly prepared that hopefully the process will go smoothly with the least amount of anxiety. Finally, if a case cannot be settled, there will be a trial. We pride ourselves on our experience as trial lawyers in achieving the maximum result for our client. From the moment you first contact us, we are thinking about how we can best present your case to a jury. Whether you’re considering what lawyer to hire for your lawsuit or whether we are currently representing you, we are there to answer any questions you have about the process. Call us at 312-332-2872, or contact us through our website at

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