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Aperion Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyers

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Aperion Care Often in Violation of Safe Nursing Home Practices

Before placing a loved one in the care of others, a tough enough decision on its own, families must consider a close review of the history of a facility’s patient care events to identify where chronic issues may erupt. Aperion Care is a large operator of more than 30 post-hospital rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care homes in Illinois. Unfortunately, the care system has been named in several instances of neglect and abuse against residents it’s important to identify them for the wellbeing of others who may be researching one of its for-profit care facilities on behalf of a loved one. A closer look through the quarterly violation reports of nursing facilities, courtesy of the Illinois Department of Public Health, Aperion care homes remain a repeat offender. In addition, through lawsuits against Aperion, Levin and Perconti has become very familiar with how Aperion Care conducts business, their corporate structure, and their unspoken policy of understaffing.

Aperion Care Nursing Homes

  • Aperion Care Bloomington
  • Aperion Care Bridgeport
  • Aperion Care Burbank
  • Aperion Care Capitol
  • Aperion Care Chicago Heights
  • Aperion Care Dolton
  • Aperion Care Elgin
  • Aperion Care Evanston
  • Aperion Care Fairfield
  • Aperion Care Forest Park
  • Aperion Care Galesburg
  • Aperion Care Hidden Lake
  • Aperion Care Highwood
  • Aperion Care International
  • Aperion Care Jacksonville
  • Aperion Care Marseilles
  • Aperion Care Mascoutah
  • Aperion Care Midlothian
  • Aperion Care Moline
  • Aperion Care Morton Villa
  • Aperion Care Oak Lawn
  • Aperion Care Peoria Heights
  • Aperion Care Plum Grove
  • Aperion Care Spring Valley
  • Aperion Care St. Elmo
  • Aperion Care Tolleston Park
  • Aperion Care Toluca
  • Aperion Care Wilmington
  • Maple Crossing at Amboy (Formerly Aperion Care Amboy)

Understaffing Diminishes Quality of Care Standards

The problem with understaffing and transiency among nursing home staff is not only the obvious lack of proper supervision for residents, but also the lull in cohesive training and communication that occurs with a fully staffed, experienced care team. Nursing is inherently a team profession and good marks for patient health and wellness trend under the care of a well-trained, competent staff.

Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC), an organization committed to providing resources and information to promote healthy aging, evaluates staffing hours for nursing homes and rehabilitation centers across the country each year. A worst offender? Aperion. One Aperion nursing home located in Wilmington in Will County has an average of 158 residents and staff spend as little as .1 hours per resident/per day. Issues related to staffing, as most elder advocates know, is considered one of the largest contributing factors to nursing home abuse and neglect.

Aperion Care Facility Case Study: Strangulation Death of Resident

The story is one of the most tragic our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys have heard in years. At Aperion Care in Moline, a series of horrific acts of neglect left one male resident dead. It began when the resident became entangled in the straps of his nightgown after they had become wrapped around the foot of his bed. These events followed.

  1. Multiple distress calls were made by the man’s roommate.
  2. After 20 minutes, a CNA finally arrived but the man had turned blue and was not breathing.
  3. Immediate care or CPR was not offered to the strangled victim.
  4. By the time emergency medical personnel arrived, the resident had passed.

According to an Illinois Department of Health investigation, the CNA rolled the man on his side and allegedly did not perform CPR because he was vomiting. While nursing home strangulation deaths are not common, having trained and educated staff in CPR best practices is. CPR teaching indicates that in the event of vomiting, you must turn a patient’s head to clear their airway and once clear, begin CPR if the patient is not breathing. Vomiting is NOT cause to rule out CPR. It has also been reported that not all Aperion Care Moline CNAs were trained in CPR and that the facility did not have a fully stocked crash cart, missing both portable suction equipment and supplies needed to give an IV.

Aperion Care Moline was fined for the series of neglectful actions that led to the strangulation death of the resident, but the facility continues to operate amidst a series of ongoing resident complaints and violations.

History of Neglect and Abuse at Aperion Homes Repeats Itself

After nearly 30 years representing those grieving from the neglect or loss of a loved one due to events such as wandering, strangulation, infection, and other cases of abuse and neglect, our attorneys know tragedies in nursing homes are too often the result of conscious business decisions to understaff, undertrain, and underpay employees, leading to inexperienced, overwhelmed, and frustrated nursing staff. Residents should never be the victim of management decisions that override a commitment to caring for one of our countries most vulnerable generations.

The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys of Levin and Perconti have successfully resolved a large number of cases against Aperion Care nursing homes and have many more pending. Other abuse and neglect events at low performing Aperion Care facilities have been identified by the Illinois Department of Health. Examples from 2018 inspection reports include:

Aperion Care Bloomington – minimal support of creating or following resident care plans; assessing resident safety risks

Aperion Care Cairo – failing to give residents notice of Medicaid/Medicare coverage; neglecting to provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent

Aperion Care International – haphazard storage and labeling of drugs and biologicals used in the facility; failure to provide and implement an infection prevention and control program

Aperion Care Plum Grove – much below average number of RN staff per resident per day (19 minutes); high percentage of long-stay residents who have symptoms of depression and receive an antipsychotic medication

We represent all those injured, as well as the families of those who have lost a loved one because of abuse or neglect. Many of these cases involve matters such as:

These preventable, life altering events are not supposed to happen at nursing homes and when they do, questions should be asked, and clear answers and swift accountability and punishment should follow. We can help if a loved one or patient has suffered or been injured from a rehabilitative stay or long-term residence at an Aperion Care facility.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys for Aperion Patients and Their Families

Levin & Perconti is one of the most widely-known and respected nursing home abuse and neglect law firms in Illinois, achieving multiple million dollar verdicts and settlements for individuals and families who have been impacted by nursing home abuse, malpractice, or neglect associated with intentional understaffing or unruly, yet conscious business decisions.

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