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Aperion Care Bloomington

Questionable Practices and Failures in Care Lead to Patient Complaints at Aperion Care Bloomington

Trusting a healthcare center, nursing home, or mental health facility to appropriately care for your loved one isn’t easy. You hear painful stories of neglect and even abuse, and you hope you’ve made the right choice in your loved one’s care.

You find yourself preoccupied with thoughts about your loved one – How are they, really? Are they being ignored? Are they getting enough to eat? Are the people caring for them competent?

In many cases, nursing homes and healthcare facilities are doing their best, and keeping loved ones safe, comfortable, and thriving. Unfortunately, all too often we at Levin & Perconti have found that these facilities are failing our loved ones, with critical problems in care and even health violations that families may not know about.

We are here to fight on behalf of families whose loved ones are in the care of these facilities and get them compensation they deserve. We expose these facilities and uncover the unsavory truths they may not be so eager to share, and we ensure they’re held accountable. Read on to learn more about Aperion Care Bloomington:

About Aperion Care Bloomington

  • Facility name: Aperion Care Bloomington
  • Facility address: 1509 N Calhoun St, Bloomington, IL 61701
  • Facility phone: (309) 827-6046

Aperion Care Bloomington is a medium sized, 115 bed “for profit” healthcare facility specializing in post-hospital recovery, offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy 7 days a week along with personalized day to day care “ensuring you have a comfortable healing experience while you recover and prepare to return home”. Levin & Perconti has uncovered facts that tell otherwise.

Aperion Care Bloomington has been flagged by the Department of Health and Human Services as a “Special Focus Facility”, this indicates that the facility has an extended history of consistently poor quality of care. It is subject to more frequent inspections. and potentially higher penalties for violations. This facility had a staggering total of 87 complaints reported in the past 3 years, resulting in health inspection citations. Some of the recent citations include:

12/06/2017 Failure to provide appropriate pressure ulcer care and prevent new ulcers from developing. This serious failure in care resulted in the resident being taken to the emergency room, unresponsive, due to infection developed in multiple pressure ulcers that had not been cared for properly, if at all.

12/06/2017 Failure to provide and implement an infection prevention and control program. Multiple residents had wounds requiring sterile dressings and ointments. The LPN tending to these residents failed to wash their hands between patients, used a dressing dropped on the floor, and used scissors from her pocket that were cleaned with only soap and water (as opposed to following a sterilization protocol.)

11/14/2017 Failure to make sure that each resident who enters the nursing home without a catheter is not given a catheter, and receive proper services to prevent urinary tract infections and restore normal bladder function. Multiple instances of residents wearing extremely wet and soiled incontinence briefs, and only being taken to the toilet after about half a day.

09/27/2017 Failure to 1) Hire only people with no legal history of abusing, neglecting or mistreating residents; or 2) report and investigate any acts or reports of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents and protect each resident from all abuse, physical punishment, and being separated from others. The Health and Human Services documentation goes into extensive details of multiple altercations between multiple different residents, both physical and verbal, that went mostly unchecked and uninvestigated by the facility until Health and Human Services stepped in.

8/24/2017 Failure to write and use policies that forbid mistreatment, neglect and abuse of residents and theft of residents’ property. This chain of events led to a resident being taken to the emergency room for diabetic complications. The resident was not receiving the nutrition and medication they required. Proper, timed nutrition for diabetic care was ignored, and important medications were not given; both insulin and narcotic pain medication. It was later suspected that staff had taken the pain medication for their own recreational use.

The list of citations unfortunately goes on and on. Poor housekeeping with reports of a strong urine smell throughout, dirty laundry carts sitting in the hallways for hours untouched, subpar kitchen cleanliness, and continued deficiency in wound care round out this grim list.

How You can get Help

If you are concerned about a loved one at Aperion Care Bloomington (or any other health care center), it is your right to know what’s going on behind closed doors. Contact us at Levin & Perconti to learn more details about the facility’s history.

This knowledge could protect your loved one from potential neglect, abuse and mistreatment, and could potentially save their life. Without this knowledge, your loved one could be suffering and potentially not be able to effectively communicate what’s really going on.

We are constantly researching local nursing homes and health care facilities, staying up to date on the latest violations and citations issued. Our attorneys investigate these claims of neglect and represent the involved residents and their concerned families. Some of the cases involve issues including:

Families should have a full understanding of the track record of their loved one’s nursing home. When issues like these occur, It is your right to ask questions of the facility and you should be given clear answers. Levin & Perconti stand for the rights of nursing home and healthcare center residents and will fight to protect your loved ones. Click here to contact Levin & Perconti or call us at 877-374-1417 today.


The above inspection findings are taken from public sources, including the Illinois Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility. Levin & Perconti cannot confirm that this page’s content represents the latest information available. The inspection findings published here are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at or Any deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility identified or by any governmental agency. Levin and Perconti does not have any affiliation with the facility mentioned.