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Aperion Care Mascoutah

Deficiencies in Care Lead to Resident Injuries at Aperion Care Mascoutah

Placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home or healthcare facility is a tough decision filled with questions and concerns. You are putting your trust in the nursing home to provide respectful, dignified care and you hope that the individuals caring for your loved one are qualified and conscientious. Unfortunately, in so many nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and healthcare centers, this isn’t the case.

The disturbing truth is, nursing home neglect and elder abuse is happening, and is far more common that we would like to think. We see a steady stream of these cases at Levin & Perconti; residents who have been placed in nursing home care for rehabilitation or extended care have been mistreated, neglected, and even in some cases abused.

Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect these individuals from mistreatment in nursing home care. Since 1992, we have made it our mission to expose these offending facilities, hold them accountable for their actions, and get the families involved the compensation they deserve. Read on for details about the conditions at Aperion Care Mascoutah.

About Aperion Care Mascoutah

  • Facility name: Aperion Care Mascoutah
  • Facility address: 901 N 10th St, Mascoutah, IL 62258
  • Facility phone: (618) 566-2183

Aperion Care Mascoutah is a small, 55 bed “for profit” nursing home in Mascoutah, Illinois. They advertise themselves as a quiet, hometown feeling facility offering both short and long-term care with physical and occupational therapies available 7 days a week. Sounds good, right? Levin & Perconti have some facts about Aperion Care Jacksonville that we feel you should know before trusting them with the care of your loved one.

12/22/2017 Failure to ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provides adequate supervision to prevent accidents. Multiple incidents were reported, dropped residents, residents with repeated falls and injuries, even burns due to careless practices.

12/22/2017 Failure to provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent of bowel/bladder, appropriate catheter care, and appropriate care to prevent urinary tract infections. Multiple residents were experiencing problems due to poor incontinence care. One was left to take care of her own catheter, another was observed to have an overly soaked adult diaper and was not fully cleaned up by the Aide when she was attended to.

12/22/2017 Failure to develop and implement a complete care plan that meets all the resident’s needs, with timetables and actions that can be measured. In a random sampling of residents, one of the residents was found to have decayed, brown, rotted teeth, and stated her gums were painful. No mention of her dental problems were noted in her files, even though she had recently had a care plan review to update her smoking status.

11/04/2017 Failure to 1) Hire only people with no legal history of abusing, neglecting or mistreating residents; or 2) report and investigate any acts or reports of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents. Multiple reports of residents being hit and treated roughly by staff, and administration did not immediately act to remove the alleged abusers, and continued to allow them direct contact with residents after allegations had been made. Additionally, a resident was witnessed repeatedly being verbally abusive to other residents and staff.

The list goes on, including safety issues, improper catheter care, and medication errors.

How You can get Help

If you have a loved one in the care of Aperion Care Mascoutah or another facility in the area and have concerns about their treatment and level of care, don’t hesitate to contact Levin & Perconti to find out more about the facilities track record in recent years, and what you can do to take action. Having this information could save your loved one from unnecessary suffering, and may even save their life.

Many nursing homes and healthcare facilities in Illinois have long histories of citations and health violations, but it is in their best interest, business-wise, to not openly share that information. That’s why our nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys are constantly researching, staying up to date on any health violations that have occurred in Illinois nursing home and healthcare centers.

We investigate the claims of abuse and neglect and represent the families of those affected. Of course, each case is unique.

You have the right to know what is going on in your loved ones’ nursing home or health care center, and you should be given straight answers to any questions you have. Excuses, avoidance, and hostility should not be tolerated.

Levin & Perconti are committed to helping families deal with these tough situations. We are leaders in nursing home abuse and negligence litigation and are advocates for creating a healthy nursing home environment where residents thrive and abuse and neglect is not tolerated.

If you feel your loved one may be the subject of abuse or neglect while in the care of Aperion Care Mascoutah or any other Illinois nursing home or healthcare center, Contact us right away. Connect with us online, or call us at 877-374-1417 to set up a free, no obligation consultation with an experienced elder abuse and nursing home neglect lawyer.

Disclaimer: The above inspection findings are taken from public sources, including the Illinois Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility. Levin & Perconti cannot confirm that this page’s content represents the latest information available. The inspection findings published here are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at or Any deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility identified or by any governmental agency. Levin and Perconti does not have any affiliation with the facility mentioned.