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Aperion Care Hidden Lake

Millions of American senior citizens fall victim to elder abuse each year. More than half a million official reports of abuse are made, while still many more suffer without a voice, whether due to fear of their abusers or a simple inability to communicate due to their state of health.

While this might be difficult to process, what’s more devastating is that many times this abuse occurs in the very places families trust to care for their loved ones. Places we expect to keep our beloved family members safe, comfortable, and healthy: Nursing homes.

Levin & Perconti has seen many elder abuse cases over the years; in our efforts to help create awareness and keep families safe, we are sharing public information about nursing home inspections. We hope you find this information helpful we the time comes to identify the elder care provider that will provide the level of care you expect for your loved one.

About Aperion Care Hidden Lake

Aperion Care Hidden Lake
11728 Hidden Lake Dr.
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Aperion Care is a large network of skilled nursing, rehabilitation, mental health, and long-term care facilities; they have operating locations all over the Midwest. While many of their facilities are well-rated by, receiving above average ratings, a surprisingly high number of their locations are failing to provide even average levels of care. Aperion Care Hidden Lake is rated at “below average”.

Aperion Care Hidden Lake is a small, 67 bed long term care and retirement community in St. Louis, Missouri. Aperion Care Hidden Lake offers assisted living apartments as well as post-hospital care.

11/20/2018 Failure to ensure medication error rates are not 5 percent or greater. Based on observation, an LPN incorrectly administered Insulin, stating she wasn’t aware that the device needed to be primed before administering. If the needle isn’t primed, the resident may not receive an accurate dose.

The Director of Nursing stated that this LPN hadn’t been trained on priming the insulin pen. The LPN has been working at the facility for a few months without training on the device. Other failures include not administering medications due to not being available on the med cart and not informing the DON of its unavailability, and an incorrect administration of an inhaler medication, increasing the risk of infection in the resident.

02/07/2017 Failure to provide and implement an infection prevention and control program. Proper infection control protocol was not followed during peri-care on multiple occasions. In one instance, the CNA was observed to wash a residents’ face directly after cleaning up their soiled incontinence brief and linens (coming in direct contact with urine) – without changing gloves. Another instance involved donning gloves for peri care without washing hands.

02/07/2017 Failure to 1) Make sure that each resident’s drug regimen is free from unnecessary drugs; 2) Each resident’s entire drug/medication is managed and monitored to achieve highest well-being. Multiple residents were receiving anti-anxiety medications without documentation of behaviors indicating the medication is necessary.

You Can Help Protect Your Loved One

Elder abuse comes in many forms. The attorneys at Levin & Perconti have prosecuted hundreds of personal injury cases, many of them involving nursing homes and elder abuse. Just some of the issues we have seen are:

While we are capable and prepared to handle these types of cases, it is of course best to ensure you help your loved one avoid these situations in the first place. This is why we offer some ideas on selecting the best facility for the care of your loved one, and as a result reducing the chance that they will fall victim to abuse:

Select a well-rated nursing home. Put aside the Google reviews and look deeper into the facilities rating by researching on state or federal government site like That will give you information about care history, capacity, and any staffing issues they’ve experienced.

Additionally, take time to tour the facilities. When making your way through, pay attention to the details – is the facility clean? Are there off-putting smells? How do the staff interact with residents? Do the residents you see appear reasonably clean and comfortable? Ask questions. If possible, make another unexpected visit to see what the facility is like when they aren’t expecting potential clients.

Once you’ve made your selection, stay in contact with your loved one so you can keep tabs on their care. If you can visit regularly, it’s helpful in not only spending time with your loved one, but also to see what’s going on.

When you visit, be aware of any changes in behavior or signs of neglect or abuse. Some things to look out for are:

  • Sudden change in disposition; depression, confusion or seeming withdrawn
  • Unexplained injuries such as bruises, scrapes, or burns
  • Weight loss unrelated to illness
  • Poor hygiene, unwashed hair, dirty nails and clothes
  • Frequently misplaced or missing personal effects
  • Untreated severe bedsores
  • Evidence of poor circulation or dehydration such as sunken eyes or cheeks
  • Frequent trips to the doctor or ER for treatment for falls

Take Action

If you feel your loved one has been the subject of abuse or neglect by the staff of their care facility, don’t hesitate – take immediate action. Report your concerns right away.

Be sure to fully document anything you feel is an indication of abuse or neglect. Take these concerns and your documentation to the nursing home administration. They should handle your questions promptly and professionally, investigate the situation, and take action to address the problems immediately. If the administration does not respond in a way that you feel is satisfactory, you may need to take further steps. It’s time to seek legal action.

Levin & Perconti can Help

Levin & Perconti is here to help when you need legal counsel. We are committed to helping residents and families navigate these difficult situations. Our attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting elder abuse cases and can provide the answers you need when you feel your loved one has suffered harm in assisted living and administration is unresponsive, defensive, or dismissive.

When you are ready to take action, click or call Levin & Perconti at 888-424-5757 with your concerns. Our nursing home abuse attorneys are ready to help you determine what your next steps should be in a no obligation, no cost consultation.

Disclaimer: The above health inspection findings are taken from public records kept and published by Medicare and the state of Missouri and are not complete. Levin & Perconti cannot confirm that this page’s content includes the latest information available. Any corrections or additions made to these public records after publication of this page will not be found here. For the most up-to-date information, visit or This page is a legal advertisement and informational resource for visitors and is not endorsed by the named facility or any government agency. Levin & Perconti does not have any affiliation with the named facility.