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Coronavirus Cases at Bria of Geneva Nursing Home


Coronavirus Cases Consume Bria of Geneva Nursing Home Marking One of Largest Outbreaks in Illinois

Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Bria of Geneva nursing home is swiftly picking up cases of COVID-19. So far, two dozen residents are dead, and the novel coronavirus has infected at least 75 in just a few short weeks. Bria of Geneva only has 91 residents and the first resident tested positive on April 17. Thirty-seven of the Kane County home’s 120 workers have also tested positive for the virus.

Like many Illinois nursing homes, up until a few weeks ago, administrators were simply screening residents for symptoms and taking some infectious disease measures such as limiting visitors and isolating symptomatic residents. A request for extensive and broad testing, increasing the use of personal protection equipment, and accurate reporting of cases were still failed coronavirus-related prevention measures. At best, an understaffed workforce was attempting to contain the virus by transferring sick residents to a coronavirus-designated wing at another home.

Several Problems Highlighted at Bria of Geneva

Examples of Bria’s failures in managing the pandemic within its facility and an epic fail in preemptive lockdown, and infectious disease prevention procedures include:

  1. Visitors haven’t been allowed in long-term care facilities since March. Still, at the front door of Bria of Geneva, a sign violating state and federal guidelines reads: “Visiting hours are only a suggestion. Visitors are welcome any time.”
  2. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services most recent health inspection report in July 2019, shows that the federal agency cited the facility for having insufficient staff to meet residents’ needs and some workers not using proper hygiene. Bria was given two out of five stars to measure the quality of care.
  3. Several family members whose relatives died from the coronavirus, many alone and isolated, have spoken out to the press that they were left unaware of the deadly spread of the disease in the home and the risk to their loved ones.
  4. Family members who visited (despite a lockdown) said staff were not wearing the personal protective equipment required, and nursing home workers did not have face shields, gloves, or medical-grade masks as they went from room to room.

According to an Illinois Department of Public Health data analysis, this may be one of the largest and deadliest outbreaks of COVID-19 in the state. To support that claim, ProPublica Illinois pointed out that, “Only four nursing homes in Illinois had more deaths than Bria of Geneva when the state updated its count on May 15. All of them are larger facilities, with more beds and a higher average number of residents. Meadowbrook Manor of Bolingbrook has had at least 26 deaths, the most in the state, but it has three times the capacity of Bria of Geneva. Symphony of Joliet, with twice the capacity of Bria of Geneva, has had 24 deaths.”

BRIA Health Services operates nine facilities in Illinois, all in the Chicago area and near St. Louis at Belleville, Cahokia, Chicago Heights, Forest Edge, Geneva, Waukegan, Palos Hills, Burnham, and Westmont. Five of them have reported deaths from COVID-19.

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