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Illinois Nursing Home Chain Hit With Heavy Fines

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Aperion Care Racked Up $367,000 in Fines For 2019 Nursing Home Violations

In 2019, one Illinois nursing home chain, branded under the Aperion Care name, was fined nearly $367,000 by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) in response to failing to correct serious deficiencies in care and safety of its residents. Aperion Care has 35 Illinois facilities, the majority of which have only one-of-five-star ratings by Medicare.

Most recently, Aperion made a $6 million offer to take over Rock Island’s Hope Creek Care Center. But Aperion’s reputation and questionable level of care residents may receive has alarmed both community and county board members. With a quick review through the quarterly violation reports for Illinois nursing facilities, courtesy of IDPH, it easy to identify why these Aperion Care facilities are fined so often, and also validate the concerns of the Rock Island community.

  1. Aperion Care Bloomington
  2. Aperion Care Bradley
  3. Aperion Care Bridgeport
  4. Aperion Care Burbank
  5. Aperion Care Cairo
  6. Aperion Care Capitol
  7. Aperion Care Chicago Heights
  8. Aperion Care Demotte
  9. Aperion Care Dolton
  10. Aperion Care Elgin
  11. Aperion Care Evanston
  12. Aperion Care Fairfield
  13. Aperion Care Forest Park
  14. Aperion Care Galesburg
  15. Aperion Care Galesburg North
  16. Aperion Care Highwood
  17. Aperion Care International
  18. Aperion Care Jacksonville
  19. Aperion Care Litchfield
  20. Aperion Care Marseilles
  21. Aperion Care Mascoutah
  22. Aperion Care Midlothian
  23. Aperion Care Moline
  24. Aperion Care Morton Villa
  25. Aperion Care Oak Lawn
  26. Aperion Care Olney
  27. Aperion Care Peoria Heights
  28. Aperion Care Plum Grove
  29. Aperion Care Princeton
  30. Aperion Care Spring Valley
  31. Aperion Care Springfield
  32. Aperion Care St. Elmo
  33. Aperion Care Toluca
  34. Aperion Care West Chicago
  35. Aperion Care Wilmington

The Consequences of Repeat or Severe Violations

The most common penalty imposed by IDPH is a $10,000 per violation civil monetary fine, but fines for violations of federal standards can range from $50 to $10,000 per day. Some of the more concerning and significant penalties against Aperion by IDPH in the last two years have included:

  • $75,000 for the escape of a resident and the strangulation death of another.
  • $50,000 after the body of a 64-year-old man with dementia was found in a river after he fled the facility.
  • $50,000 a when a 66-year old a man recovering from surgery was found unconscious in a pool of blood and died at a hospital less than an hour later. (Learn about Levin & Perconti’s representation of Mr. Jaime Hernandez’s family in this video.).
  • $25,000 for the death of a patient caused by an insulin spike after staff failed to measure his blood sugar.

The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys of Levin and Perconti have successfully resolved a large number of cases against Aperion Care nursing homes and have much more pending. Our team has become very familiar with how Aperion Care management conducts business, their corporate structure, and their unspoken policy of understaffing and the allowance of neglectful practices by staff to continue.

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