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Chicago Burn Injury Lawyer

According to the American Burn Association, each year in the United States, 1.1 million burn injuries require medical attention. A burn is defined as tissue damage caused by a variety of agents, such as heat or chemicals.

$1.5 million

Burn Injury Settlement

 against a nursing home for violating the Nursing Home Care Reform Act by failing to monitor a mentally impaired resident’s cigarette smoking, leading to severe burns and death.

$1.5 million

Burn Injury Settlement

for an 87-year-old nursing home resident who suffered severe burns when seated in a steaming-hot sitz bath.

Most common burns are caused by:

Seriously burned patients often need focused and expert care to deal with the long-term physical and psychological affects of their injuries. Our firm understands that your goals or those of a loved one after going through such trauma are to get your medical bills paid and covered, make sure you do not suffer financially through any lost wages, and make sure your insurance company will pay for future treatment relating to your injury.

Our experienced attorneys will discuss your situation and go over the options available to you, as well as work with insurance companies and other parties involved in your case to make sure all your needs are handled quickly and appropriately.

At Levin & Perconti, our attorneys have successfully handled numerous burn injury cases and recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients, including a $2.3 million settlement for a family whose two young children suffered severe burns and whose third child, a three-month-old infant, was killed in a fire that broke out in a Chicago Housing Authority building. The CHA had allowed rear entrances to be blocked, allowed batteries to be removed from smoke detectors, and failed to sufficiently inspect and maintain an electrical outlet.

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