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Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Defending Clients Wronged By Burr Oak Cemetery in Illinois

In ensuring that our clients are protected from negligence, one of our cases is against Defendant Perpetua Inc., a company that owed our clients a duty to provide reasonable services in the area of funeral, burial, and cemetery, and related services in a dignified and respectful manner at Burr Oak Cemetery, and violated that duty severely.

Specifically, Defendant and those associated with the company mutilated, stockpiled, “double stacked,” and illegally (and improperly) disposed of human remains in violation of Illinois law, improperly removing human remains and reselling occupied gravesites to unsuspecting family members in violation of industry and legal standards, as well as common human decency. As a result, our clients suffered numerous injuries and emotional distress. To read more about the case, you can view the complaint here.

Compensation for Victims

For many who buried their loved ones at Burr Oak Cemetery, not only did they have to deal with losing a family member, but years of attending meetings, searching for death certificates, and pouring over public records to try and obtain justice after authorities found that graves had been dug up and plots resold. Yet what about those whose loved one’s graves could not be found? A check isn’t enough to undo what they’ve been through.

Since the incident, more than 5,000 individuals joined class-action lawsuits against the cemetery owners, hoping that justice would be done against the facility as a result. Many just want to find out where their loved ones had been moved. Some, refusing to take part in the existing settlement, have instead decided to file suit individually against the owners of the cemetery.

Burr Oak Cemetery Headstone Search

If you are seeking information about relatives buried at Burr Oak Cemetery, you can visit this site. If you have information useful to investigators, please contact the Cook County Sheriff or Levin & Perconti.

Burr Oak Cemetery Website

Several Burr Oak employees were criminally charged with disinterring caskets and re-selling burial plots to families. As reported by the Cook County Sheriff’s office, although Burr Oak was home to approximately 100,000 gravesites, fewer than half actually had a headstone, leading the Sheriff’s Department to launch a criminal investigation, and Levin & Perconti to bring a case to recover on behalf of our clients.

Burr Oak Burial Database

In 2009, the Cook County Sheriff’s Department placed over 40,000 photos of headstones online, allowing families to search for information in the wake of the scandal at Burr Oak Cemetery.

How to Order Death Certificates in Cook County

The Cook County Clerk’s office not only allows citizens to request a death certificate, but also keeps official records of deaths that occurred in Chicago and Cook County suburbs. Visit the website to learn more.

Burr Oak News

Here you will find news updates related to the Burr Oak Cemetery lawsuit. These include: