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LaSalle Veterans’ Home Families Sue Over COVID Deaths

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Levin & Perconti Represents Families Impacted by COVID-19 Outbreak at Illinois Veterans’ Home

The recent COVID-19 outbreak at the state-run veterans’ home in LaSalle, several investigations, and the subsequent firing of the home’s administrator, has triggered legal action directed at Illinois officials by the families of at least five dead residents. Levin & Perconti will represent the families, several of whom have described their personal tragedies with tremendous anger and frustration and overwhelming sadness, grief, and sorrow.

In an interview with Chicago’s ABC7 I-Team on December 22, Mike Bonamarte expressed tremendous and urgent concern of the situation, saying that “something happened” to trigger the November COVID-19 outbreak at the facility and that the virus was able to spread “inexcusably” inside beginning in late October, infecting more than 200 residents and staff members. Inadequate safety procedures, staff and leadership negligence, lack of personal protection equipment, and ineffective use of infection control resources likely contributed to the outbreak. Up until then, only one resident and five staff members at the home tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Federal and state inspections in November and December revealed:

  • inappropriate use of hand sanitizer that was alcohol-free and not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • relaxed screening protocol at the staff entrance to the facility
  • care staff congregating, not social distancing or wearing masks

34 LaSalle Veterans’ Home Residents Have Died of Coronavirus Complications

As of December 22, nearly a quarter (34) of the residents have died of COVID-19 at the Illinois veterans’ home located at 1015 Oconor Avenue in

downstate LaSalle. The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Levin & Perconti share an unwavering commitment to seek justice for these lost American heroes and their families. They deserve an investigative response, legal action, and clear answers.

Attorney Bonamarte also told ABC7 that “the suit will be filed at Illinois’ Court of Claims because it’s a proceeding against a state agency. Until a few years ago the state Court of Claims legal venue had a 100-thousand-dollar cap for damages; now it’s 2 million dollars per victim.”

While COVID-19 surges are occurring across the state of Illinois, the extreme events in LaSalle are due to lack of leadership and failures in following safety protocols, and linked to long-standing evidence in the low quality of care provided at the home, reduced staffing levels, and infectious disease-related issues that could have been prevented.

Chicago Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys for Illinois’ Veterans

If a veteran close to you has fallen ill or died because of negligent care while a resident of the nursing home in LaSalle, the Illinois nursing home attorneys of Levin & Perconti can help you determine if you have cause to pursue legal action on behalf of them. Please contact us for a free consultation at 877-374-1417 or in Chicago at 312-332-2872.

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