Medication Errors in Nursing Homes

Has your loved one suffered significant injuries or a decline in his or her medical condition due to a medication error in an Illinois nursing home?

The misadministration of medicine is a frequent and serious problem in Illinois nursing homes. Examples of this issue include:

  • Residents who are given the wrong medication
  • Residents who receive the wrong dose of their medication
  • Residents who do not receive their medication at the frequency required by their physician’s orders

Medication errors pose serious risks to nursing home residents, many of whom are already faced with compromised health conditions and require a number of prescription medications. These errors often occur when a nursing home does not employ enough properly trained and supervised staff to correctly administer medications to the residents under their care. When a resident suffers serious injuries, a deterioration in his or her medical condition, or death as a result of a medication error, families have the right to take action to seek compensation and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Pioneers of Long-Term Care Litigation

For over 20 years, our lawyers have fought to protect the rights of nursing home residents throughout Illinois. Our founding partners Steve Levin and John Perconti were among the first lawyers in the entire country to fight for nursing home residents and have successfully handled all types of nursing home negligence lawsuits, including a number of cases involving medication errors.

Our attorneys are known by our peers, insurance companies and nursing home corporations alike for our successes in nursing home neglect lawsuits, and our adversaries know that we will not settle a client's case for less than fair and reasonable compensation. We also have the resources to handle even the most complex nursing home cases, and we are not afraid to take cases to trial.

If your loved one has suffered serious injuries as a result of a medication error in a nursing home, it is important to take action immediately to protect your rights. It is also crucial that you choose a law firm that has experience and a proven record of success handling nursing home medication error lawsuits. We are here to help you find answers.

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Some of our most notable medication error results include:

  • $1.035 million nursing home medication error settlement for the family of a resident who died as a result of the nursing staff’s failure to chart or administer of her prescription medication.

  • $917,912 settlement for the family of resident who died when nursing home staff failed to properly administer his cancer medication and failed to ensure that he made follow-up visits with his oncologist. These failures cause his cancer spread and led to his death.

  • $914,000 nursing home lawsuit settlement for the family of a former Lincolnwood Place resident who died after suffering a stroke as a result of the nursing home's failure to properly administer her blood-thinning medication.