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Symphony of Crestwood

When placing a loved one in the care of a nursing home, of course you have their best interests in mind. It’s not an easy decision to have someone else in charge of your loved one’s around-the-clock care, but in many cases, due to complex medical needs or a high level of dependency on others for daily life care, a nursing home is your only option.

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You expect them to provide appropriate medical and daily life care, treat them with respect, give them their due dignity, and provide them with a comfortable, safe place to live and recuperate. While this is what you will find happening in most nursing homes, many miss the mark, providing substandard care through intentional understaffing, poor training, negligence and even abuse. Sadly, this is happening in far more instances than most people care to believe.

Here’s the harsh, tragic truth: As many as 5 million elderly Americans in nursing home care are neglected or abused every year. Many more go undocumented due to the lack of ability to communicate that there is a problem and even fear of harsh repercussions by staff members if they found they were reported.

A staggering 1 in 3 nursing homes was cited with violations with the potential to cause harm, and nearly 10 percent of all nursing homes have violations that caused actual harm, which includes injuries and even death. It’s distressing to think it could even be your loved one being mistreated, neglected, and ignored.

The expert elder abuse attorneys at Levin & Perconti are dedicated to exposing the truth about these facilities. We hold the violating nursing homes accountable for their actions and get the affected residents and their families the compensation they deserve. We share information about the violations these facilities have made so you can be well informed. Here are the details on Symphony of Crestwood.

Symphony of Crestwood

Symphony of Crestwood is a large, 297-bed nursing home facility in Crestwood, IL. offering post-acute care and rehabilitation as well as long term residential care. The Symphony website boasts that their “guests” will feel like they are staying in a fine hotel, with an emphasis on tranquility, serenity, and comfort. They are “one of the country’s most innovative leaders in post-acute care and management services… working to provide the best possible outcomes for our guests.”

  • Facility name: Symphony of Crestwood
  • Facility address: 14255 S Cicero Avenue, Crestwood, IL 60445
  • Facility phone number: (708) 371-0400

While Symphony of Crestwood is rated “average” by, serious deficiencies in care have resulted in resident injuries:

06/01/2018 Failure to ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provides adequate supervision to prevent accidents. A resident suffered a painful fracture injury to her hip and femur that required surgery to repair due to being transferred from bed to wheelchair. According to her records, the transfer technician should have used a mechanical lift to move her from one place to another, due to her extremely brittle bones. The transfer technician and CNA both stated they use a “Draw sheet” technique instead. This is (clearly) not a recommended technique to move this individual according to her needs and her physical therapy notes.

11/09/2017 Failure to keep each resident free from physical restraints, unless needed for medical treatment. The facility failed to follow physician’s orders for a resident who was observed to be restrained to her wheelchair constantly. The resident was seen in multiple daily activities, including music time, lunch, stretching, and group activities where she was fully supervised and was still strapped into her wheelchair. Her physician’s orders were to allow restraint-free time during mealtime and supervised daily activity time.

11/09/2017 Failure to Make sure that the nursing home area is free from accident hazards and risks and provides supervision to prevent avoidable accidents. A resident with a high risk for falls had risk prevention measures in place, however they were not functioning. The resident had multiple pressure sensors intended to sound an alarm in the case of a fall. None of which were operating. The alarm did not sound when tested, and one sensor, intended for a chair, was found on the floor.

It’s Time to get Answers

If you have a loved one at Symphony of Crestwood or any other Illinois nursing home, and you have concerns about the care they are receiving, don’t hesitate to contact us at Levin & Perconti to learn the details about their care history. This information may protect your loved one from neglect, loss of dignity, and potentially even abuse.

The attorneys at Levin & Perconti stay on top of any care violations that occur at Illinois nursing homes so that you can be well informed. We represent the families and their loved ones affected by negligent care and abuse, including the families who have lost a loved one as a result. We hold these facilities accountable for their actions and get the families the compensation they deserve. In our extensive experience, we’ve seen that nursing home negligence can present in many forms. Some of the cases have included such matters as:

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These issues are all avoidable and should not be happening. If you do suspect your loved one may be the subject of negligent care or abuse, and facility administration is of no help, acting dismissive or is flat out unresponsive, don’t hesitate to contact us online at Levin & Perconti or call us at 877-374-1417 right away for a no-cost, no-obligation, fully confidential consultation. You have the right to know about the care your loved one is receiving and acting today may save your loved one from negligent care, abuse, and even their life.


The above inspection findings are taken from public sources, including the Illinois Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility. Levin & Perconti cannot confirm that this page’s content represents the latest information available. The inspection findings published here are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at or Any deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility identified or by any governmental agency. Levin and Perconti does not have any affiliation with the facility mentioned.