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Symphony of Hanover Park

It’s always a hard decision to make, but when an elderly loved one needs constant care or has in-depth medical needs that are beyond your own abilities, placing them in the care of a nursing home may be your only option. You expect these facilities to care for your loved one with respect, trusting that they’ll meet their medical and daily needs and provide an exceptional level of care.

Sadly, this level of care isn’t always delivered. While many facilities operate with exceptional levels of care, many do not. Nursing home negligence and abuse is a serious problem here in Illinois as well as across the US that many aren’t even aware is occurring. As many as 5 million elderly Americans are neglected or abused every year while in the care of a nursing home— and there are potentially more, as many cases go unreported due to the resident’s inability to communicate or even fear of repercussions from staff.

As many as 1 in 3 nursing homes were cited with violations with the potential to cause harm (violations that present a real and present danger to residents) and nearly 10 percent of all nursing homes have violations that caused actual harm, injury, and even death. It could even be your loved one who isn’t getting proper care.

At Levin & Perconti, we fight for the families and their loved ones who are in the care of these sub-par facilities, ensuring they get the compensation they are due. We are dedicated to uncovering the facts and make certain that these facilities are held accountable for their failures in care. Read on to learn more about the care at Symphony of Hanover Park.

About Symphony of Hanover Park

Symphony of Hanover Park is a 150-bed “for profit” nursing home in Hanover Park, IL, specializing in post-acute, rehabilitative care, as well as long term residential care. The Symphony website proclaims that their “guests” will feel like they are staying in a fine hotel, with an emphasis on tranquility, serenity, and comfort. They claim to be “one of the country’s most innovative leaders in post-acute care and management services… working to provide the best possible outcomes for our guests.”

  • Facility name: Symphony of Hanover Park
  • Facility address: 2000 W Lake St., Hanover Park, IL 60133
  • Facility phone number: (630) 556- 2000

10/12/2017 Failure to give residents proper treatment to prevent new bed (pressure) sores or heal existing bed sores. Proper wound care was not given to a resident with a stage 3 pressure wound to the tailbone area. The resident has a catheter in place, but it leaks, and is also frequently incontinent of bowels, so she wears an incontinence brief. She should have ointment and a dressing on her pressure wound.

During the observation period, an LPN came to perform wound care, and indicated that wound care had already been performed earlier that morning. The LPN performed continence care, only to find there was no dressing on the wound, leaving it open and unprotected from moisture or feces.

The CNA that attended to her incontinence care at 7:00am couldn’t recall if there was a dressing in place at that time and stated it may have come off when he changed her brief. If the dressing was missing, it should have been reported to the wound nurse, so it could be replaced in order to promote the healing process.

10/12/2017 Failure to make sure that the nursing home area is free from accident hazards and risks and provides supervision to prevent avoidable accidents. The facility failed to provide appropriate supervision and monitoring while eating for a resident with difficulty swallowing. Her records indicate she needs 100% supervision while eating and must take drinks of water between bites to clear food and assist in swallowing. This resident was observed in the dining room eating spaghetti and chatting with her tablemates. She took bite after bit of spaghetti without taking sips of water nor staff checking for “pocketed” food.

Staff was on the opposite side of the room, at a distance in which they would not be able to cue her to sip water, not assist her in checking for pocketed food. On the next day, she was observed in her room, with the privacy curtain obscuring the view from the hallway, eating a bagel with cream cheese. Once again, she was unsupervised, and taking multiple bites without alternating with water.

10/12/2017 Failure to have a program that investigates, controls and keeps infection from spreading. Multiple instances of improper handwashing and glove use were observed during the survey. During incontinence care, the CNAs did not wash their hands appropriately, and used the same gloves to apply barrier cream to the resident’s behind and then adjusting pillows. Another instance was a food service worker was observed to wipe their nose with their hand and continue working, serving food without performing any hand hygiene.

10/112/2017 Failure to provide care for residents in a way that keeps or builds each resident’s dignity and respect of individuality . Multiple instances of failures to provide a dignified experience were observed. Some of these include; the dining supervisor standing while feeding a resident, milling around chatting with other residents between bites, others being given their meals while their tablemates sat and watched them eat, only to be served when the others were finished, other assistants feeding residents standing with one hand on hip.

We Handle All Type of Nursing Home Abuse Cases

If you have a loved one at Symphony of Hanover Park, or any other Illinois nursing home, don’t hesitate to contact us at Levin & Perconti to learn the details about their care history. Having this information may help protect your loved one from neglect, loss of dignity, and potentially even abuse.

The attorneys at Levin & Perconti continually research and review the care violations that occur at Illinois nursing homes so that you can be well informed. We hold these facilities accountable for their actions, represent the affected families and their loved ones, and get these families the compensation they deserve. In our years of experience, we’ve found that negligent care and abuse can mean many different things. Some of the cases we’ve seen have included such matters as:

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These serious care issues are avoidable and should not be happening. If you feel your loved one may be the subject of negligent care or abuse, and facility administration does not provide you with satisfactory responses to questioning, don’t hesitate to contact us online at Levin & Perconti or call us at 877-374-1417 right away for a no-cost, no-obligation, fully confidential consultation. You have the right to know about the care your loved one is receiving and taking action today may save your loved one from negligent care, abuse, and may even save their life.


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