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Symphony of Lincoln Park

Lack of high-quality nursing services has created a storm of elevated findings and violations of patient care needs related to contaminated food, chronic infections, untreated bed sores, as well as dozens of complaints to Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) inspectors of residents sitting in dirty bed pans and being left in soiled clothes and bedding at Symphony of Lincoln Park.

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Residents at Symphony of Lincoln Park Safety and Hygiene Concerns

The 248-bed facility in Cook County can’t seem to shake the chronic issues tied to poor staff-to-patient ratios even though cited by IDPH multiple times in the past three inspections for “not providing enough nursing staff every day to meet the needs of every resident, and have a licensed nurse in charge on each shift.”

When nursing home staff are overwhelmed they will begin to operate poorly and basic patient care needs that should seem like easy daily tasks, such as helping residents with toileting, brushing their teeth, and eating will often be left unattended to. At Levin & Perconti, our nursing home abuse lawyers are dedicated to helping victims of neglect or abuse at Chicago nursing homes like Symphony of Lincoln Park. 

Staff Fail to Assist Patients Who Require Bathroom Assistance

Staff should be responding immediately when residents who need assistance to use the bathroom or bedpan. This is especially important for those who are incontinent of both bowel and bladder, have impaired physical and functional mobility, urinary urgency, generalized muscle weakness and spasm to their lower extremities as to not create infection or further injuries. Patients at Symphony of Lincoln Park were quoted in a recent 2018 health inspection report in sharing terrible care experiences related to toileting requests.

  • “It usually takes this long for someone to come help me to the restroom. Sometimes I wait too long and I have an accident.”
  • “I am not feeling well. I requested a bed pan a long time ago; nobody is helping. One morning I peed twice on my bed because nobody was helping me with a bed pan.”
  • “When I request for bed pan, they cut out the call light and never come back.”

Residents should not be waiting so long for safe transport to a bathroom or be at risk of unsanitary toileting assistance, left in soiled clothing and bedding, nor resting on a bedpan full of urine and feces.

Symphony of Lincoln Park has Chronic low Care Ratings

Symphony of Lincoln Park is located at 1366 West Fullerton Avenue in Chicago. The for-profit nursing home participates in Medicare and Medicaid and has a 1-star health inspection rating and 2-star below average rating for staffing ratios outlined by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Having enough employees is obviously an issue as Symphony of Lincoln Park staff see 210 residents per day while national nursing home averages reflect less than half of that demand. Health inspection reports also note that the staff at Symphony of Lincoln Park struggle with meeting basic safety precautions while preparing or delivering food consistent to individual dietary needs (as directed by a physician). These issues can lead to food contamination and further sickness, malnutrition, and dehydration.

Attorneys for Mistreated Residents at Symphony of Lincoln Park

If your loved one was neglected while staying at Symphony of Lincoln Park or any other Symphony nursing home and suffered from stressed understaffing needs, contact the legal team at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

Direct care workers and nursing home support staff are also encouraged to report employer violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, especially those related to inadequate staffing, patient abuse, and neglect.

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