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Attorney for Negligence & Abuse at Alden Estates of Orland Park

Comfort. Dignity. Progress. Happiness. These are words that should come to mind when discussing the care your loved one receives while in a short-term rehabilitation facility like Alden Estates of Orland Park.

When your loved one needs specialized rehab and 24-hour attentive nursing care after a medical procedure or hospital stay, a rehabilitation-centered nursing home is often the best choice. These nursing homes advertise high standards of care, happy residents, and clean, bright facilities. How can you be sure they are maintaining these high standards they advertise? What really happens behind closed doors, after visiting hours are over?

The unfortunate truth is that your instinct to question the quality of nursing care is right. Nursing home negligence and abuse is a growing problem in Illinois and across the US. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 5 million elderly Americans experience negligent care or abuse while in the care of a nursing home, health care center, or rehabilitation facility. In many Illinois nursing homes and health care centers, patients and residents aren’t always receiving the care they deserve, and some facilities even have major state health violations and federal citations against them.

At Levin & Perconti, we are dedicated to uncovering the facts about Illinois elder care facilities and making certain that these facilities are held responsible for their failures in care. Read on to learn more about Alden Estates of Orland Park:

About Alden Estates of Orland Park

  • Facility name: Alden Estates of Orland Park
  • Facility address: 16450 South 97Th Ave, Orland Park, IL 60462
  • Facility phone: (708) 403-6500

Alden Estates of Orland Park is a 200 bed for-profit rehabilitative care and short term health care facility. Alden’s advertising paints a picture of upscale care, something beyond the standard nursing home. Their website boasts a holistic approach to quality care, using innovative therapies designed to send patients home as quickly and safely as possible.

Luxurious accommodations and indulgent amenities are intended to make Alden a wonderful an enjoyable place to call home while recuperating from surgery or a hospital stay. While many Alden facilities are highly rated by Medicare, and have very few care violations on record, there are always exceptions. Alden Estates of Orland Park is one of them. Alden Estates of Orland Park has had a total of 27 complaints resulting in a citation in the past three years. Here’s a sampling of what’s really going on:

04/10/2018 Failure to provide appropriate pressure ulcer care and prevent new ulcers from developing. The facility failed to obtain new treatment orders for a deteriorating skin condition for 4 days. This failure resulted in a resident being identified with a large, unstageable pressure ulcer measuring 8cm by 8cm.

Along with this, the resident also had moisture related skin damage to the perianal area. This resident was indicated as a high risk for developing ulcers. Records revealed that upon a skin assessment during bathing, a CNA had noted a new skin abnormality, but did not report to a nurse until 4 days later. When the nurse did assess, it was then approximately 3 inches square and covered with 100% necrotic tissue.

06/05/2018 Failure to provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent of bowel/bladder, appropriate catheter care, and appropriate care to prevent urinary tract infections. Improper catheter procedures led to a resident having a urinary tract infection. The resident was observed by the inspector with a full urine collection bag with cloudy, amber urine and a pink tinged substance observed throughout the tubing.

When the LPN was questioned about the frequency of changing urine collection bags, the response was “I’m not sure exactly, I really don’t remember.” When the surveyor inquired about this particular resident’s bag, the LPN unclipped the bag, raised it to about chest height and emptied the bag, while the contents of the tubing drained back into the resident’s body. The LPN noted there were sediments present. The final assessment was to start a course of Bactrim for a urinary tract infection. (Proper catheter care procedures indicate placing the drainage bag below the resident’s bladder to facilitate proper drainage.)

06/05/2018 Failure to develop and implement a complete care plan that meets all the resident’s needs, with timetables and actions that can be measured. A resident had care notes that included several instances of agitation, combativeness, and physical aggression. The surveyor asked the facilities’ assistant administrator if medical diagnoses, behaviors, and psychoactive medications should be addressed in the individuals care plan, to which they responded “yes, ma’am.”

The surveyor then inquired if anxiety, dementia, behaviors and/or psychoactive drugs were in fact included on this individuals care plan – it was not. Due to this oversight, this individual was not receiving the full level of care they should have, affecting his own quality of life as well as the staff attempting to care for him.

11/09/2017 Failure to reasonably accommodate the needs and preferences of each resident. Multiple residents reported that it takes an extremely long time for call lights to be answered. They stated that many times the staff responds that they will be right there and never come back. This interferes with help using the bathroom, getting up to eat, position changes, and incontinence care.

Our Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Can Help

If your loved one is in the care of Alden Estates of Orland Park or any other Illinois nursing home, and you have concerns about their care, feel free to contact us at Levin & Perconti to learn more. This information may protect your loved one from injuries due to neglect, loss of privacy and dignity, and even the shame and pain of abuse. Levin & Perconti stays on top of any violations that are reported at Illinois health care facilities so that you can be well informed.

Our expert nursing home neglect and elder abuse attorneys investigate these health violations and represent the families and their loved ones affected, including those who have lost a loved one as a result of negligence or abuse at a nursing home. We make sure these facilities are held responsible for their negligence and get the families the compensation they deserve. In our years of experience, we’ve seen that nursing home negligence comes in many forms. Some of the cases we have seen have included such matters as:

How You Can Get Help

These care issues are avoidable and obviously should not be happening. However, when you do suspect issues like these, it is your right to have your questions answered honestly and completely. Any attempts by the facility administration to deceive, excuse, or justify these actions should not be tolerated. Levin & Perconti are widely known and well-respected leaders in nursing home negligence and elder abuse litigation. We are proud advocates for supporting a nursing home and elder care environment where subpar care, negligence, and abuse will not be tolerated.

If you feel that your loved one may be the subject of elder abuse or may be in a neglect situation at Alden Estates of Orland Park or any other Illinois nursing home facility, Contact Levin and Perconti online, or call us at 877-374-1417 to set up a no cost, no obligation confidential consultation with our experienced elder abuse and nursing home neglect lawyers.


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