Birth Injury Due to Lack of Oxygen

Before, during and after childbirth, it is crucial that newborns receive sufficient oxygen circulation to the body and organs. Medical professionals are trained to monitor these oxygen levels, to recognize signs that a fetus is in distress, and to take timely action to reduce the potential adverse effects of oxygen deprivation when distress occurs. However, it is crucial that they understand and recognize the signs of oxygen deprivation and know what actions to take if these symptoms present during childbirth. Medical staff typically can detect signs of fetal distress by using a fetal monitor to observe changes in a newborn's heart rate and rhythm. When distress is recognized, it is extremely important for healthcare providers to take immediate steps to prevent further deprivation, such as performing a caesarean section or administering supplemental oxygenation.

When doctors and nurses fail to do so, they may be found liable for their negligence. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a birth injury, you should seek a legal opinion from an attorney experienced in this specific area. The Chicago injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have successfully handled a number of serious birth injury cases and can help achieve compensation for your child's injury. Our attorneys can efficiently investigate your claim to determine if your child's birth injury resulted from inadequate oxygen at birth due to medical malpractice. Contact us today so that we can help.

Causes and Consequences

Oxygen deprivation during birth is due to such birth complications as a breech birth, a placental abruption, a uterine rupture, umbilical cord compression, a prolapsed umbilical cord, or when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the baby's neck. Decreased oxygen may also occur when a mother's oxygen level or blood pressure is low.

Inadequate oxygen levels can decrease a newborn's blood pressure, heart rate, and blood flow away from the heart, limiting the blood flow to vital organs and tissue. When this happens, irreversible neurological or cellular damage can occur. In fact, one of the most serious health problems that can result from a lack of oxygen to the infant’s brain during childbirth is Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder characterized by poor muscle coordination and movement. Many children who have Cerebral Palsy suffered from hypoxia or asphyxia during birth due to a mistake that was made and/or medical malpractice. Some of the mistakes that can lead to the condition include a failure to detect the signs that there is or could be a problem and plan for an alternative course that is safer for the baby, such as a cesarean section. For example, if the baby is too large to pass through the birth canal or suffers from an infection, it is often best for the medical providers to avoid facilitating a vaginal birth. In addition, medical professionals can sometimes cause damage to the baby by using specific instruments incorrectly.

Levin & Perconti: Birth Injury Attorneys in Chicago

If you believe that your child suffered oxygen deprivation at birth due to a healthcare provider's mistakes, please contact our Chicago birth injury lawyers at 312-332-2872 or 877-374-1417 or fill out our personal injury case intake form and an attorney will get back to you shortly.

At Levin & Perconti, we’ve handled hundreds of cases that involved severe birth injuries. For example, our attorneys recovered a $2.3 million birth injury settlement for a newborn who suffered a serious brain injury at birth due to inadequate oxygen, resulting in cerebral palsy. In this case, the hospital staff failed to recognize that the child's mother was suffering a uterine rupture and failed to perform a caesarean in a timely manner, despite the mother's complaints of a tearing sensation in her uterus. If you or your child has been injured, we can help. Contact us today.

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