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Breech Birth Complications Lawyer

If your baby has suffered an injury from complications during a breech birth, you may have grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor, hospital, and other health care providers. Our breech birth complications lawyers at Levin & Perconti can help you file your claim and pursue significant financial compensation.

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A breech birth occurs when a baby’s feet or buttocks emerge first. This unsafe birth presentation can quickly transform a joyous occasion into a family nightmare. A baby born in the breech position may sustain lifelong disabilities or suffer a fatal birth injury. 

A Cesarean delivery is almost always safer than a vaginal breech birth. Our breech birth complications lawyers help parents hold doctors accountable for the harm they cause when they fail to exercise a reasonable standard of care. If your baby was injured during a breech birth, call us immediately at (312) 332-2872 for a free consultation.

A National Birth Injury Law Firm with Experience You Can Trust

Birth injury claims are complex claims against powerful health care corporations and their insurance companies. You will need an attorney to fight for you, but not just any attorney. It takes special knowledge, stamina, and significant financial resources to prevail in a breech presentation lawsuit.

We are a nationally recognized birth injury law firm with over 400 years of combined experience helping parents get justice against negligent health care providers. We were one of the nation’s first birth injury law firms, and our knowledge of federal and state birth injury law is unsurpassed. Our birth injury attorneys have earned the respect of lawyers, judges, and legislators. 

Attorneys Dov Apfel and Seth Cardeli are national advocates of children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Both regularly conduct educational seminars for other attorneys about birth injuries. Mr. Apfel has more than 30 years of experience in birth injury litigation. He is the lawyer that other lawyers call when birth trauma touches their own families.  

We have won more than $2 billion in settlements and verdicts, including a $6.71 million verdict against a hospital on behalf of a client whose baby suffered a crippling brachial plexus arm injury when an inexperienced resident performed a breech delivery. We also negotiated a $1 million settlement with the doctor.

Our financial resources allow us to invest every dollar necessary to successfully prosecute your claim. We have a nationwide network of experts working for us, and we will use these connections to strengthen your case. Contact us today for a free case review.

Who Is Liable for Breech Birth Injuries?

Liability for breech birth injury complications can fall on any licensed health care provider whose negligence contributed to the injuries. Potentially liable parties include the following:

  • Obstetricians
  • Midwives
  • Nurses
  • Hospitals
  • Birthing centers

Cesarean sections generally carry fewer risks than vaginal breech births, and doctors may be liable when they fail to choose the safer option.

How Do You Prove Fault in Breech Birth Injury Claims?

A breech birth injury claim is a type of medical malpractice action. To prevail in a breech birth injury claim, you must prove that the doctor failed to follow a reasonable standard of care, causing your baby to suffer an injury. 

Doctors can determine the baby’s position during late pregnancy, giving them adequate opportunity to plan for a safe birth. A fetus typically moves into the normal birth position during the third trimester. If the baby is in the breech position after 36 weeks, the doctor can attempt to turn the baby in an external cephalic version procedure, or ECV. During this procedure, the doctor applies pressure on the mother’s belly to attempt to turn the baby. 

If ECV is ineffective and the baby does not turn naturally before labor, the doctor should order a Cesarean rather than attempt a vaginal birth. If your doctor failed to recommend or order a C-section, and your baby suffered breech birth injuries, our breech birth complications attorneys are ready to help you hold them accountable.

Who Has the Highest Risk for a Breech Birth?

A breech presentation can happen in any pregnancy, and the cause is not always ascertainable. However, the following factors are associated with a higher risk of breech presentations:

  • Previous pregnancies
  • Pregnancy with multiple fetuses
  • Too much or too little amniotic fluid
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Placenta previa
  • Premature birth
  • Mature maternal age
  • Assisted reproduction
  • Developmental abnormalities in the fetus
  • Low birth weight
  • High maternal blood pressure
  • Female sex of the fetus
  • A history of miscarriages or stillbirths
  • Gestational diabetes and prediabetes

A doctor has a legal duty to consider your medical history and risk factors. Having one or more of these risk factors does not mean your baby will be breech, but your doctor should educate you about the risks and options if you have multiple risk factors.

Common Complications from Breech Presentations

During a normal delivery, the baby’s head enters the birth canal first. The structure of the bones allows the head to mold to the shape of the mother’s birth canal for a smooth delivery. It is the widest part of the baby, so it also helps facilitate the birth of the rest of the baby.

In a breech birth, the head can get stuck because of its larger size and inability to mold when presenting from the bottom up. As a result, it can become lodged in the birth canal, and the shoulders can get stuck against the pubic bone, known as shoulder dystocia. In this position, the umbilical cord can get pinched and cut off the baby’s oxygen supply, leading to brain damage.

The two types of breech presentation are feet-first and buttocks-first. In a feet-first presentation, the umbilical cord may emerge ahead of the baby. This condition is known as umbilical cord prolapse. A prolapsed cord can twist, leading to oxygen deprivation and birth asphyxia. The long-term effects of breech delivery complications include the following:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Permanent paralysis or weakness of the arms
  • Quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Neurological disorders
  • Vision loss
  • Facial deformities

A doctor who exercises a reasonable standard of care avoids these risks by performing a Cesarean. Doctors who attempt breech deliveries expose mothers and babies to an unnecessary risk of harm. Our passionate birth injury attorneys are ready to hold them accountable if you or your baby were harmed. 

The use of forceps during a breech delivery is a major cause of injury. A doctor may use forceps to attempt to turn a baby, but the amount of pressure needed is very precise. Even a slight error can cause the baby to suffer severe forceps injuries, such as spinal cord damage and brachial plexus injuries from shoulder dystocia. 

Doctors also use forceps to deliver breech babies if they are unsuccessful in turning them. This can cause severe perineal tearing in the mother, resulting in long-term bowel or urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The baby can suffer skull fractures, brain bleeds, eye trauma, and broken bones.

All of these injuries are preventable, and our knowledgeable breech birth complications lawyers can compare your doctor’s actions to a reasonable standard of care. We are ready to prove that the doctor violated this standard by attempting a breech birth at all.

Whether your doctor attempted a breech birth and ultimately performed a Cesarean or completed the breech birth, we can help you pursue damages if you or your baby were harmed. Damages for breech birth complications may include the following:

  • Economic damages – compensate for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses
  • Non-economic damages – compensate for you and your baby’s pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death damages – compensate for the loss of your child’s companionship, final expenses, and the child’s estimated future income had they survived

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