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Alden Long Grove Rehabilitation and Health Care Center

It’s a hard call to make, but when an elderly loved one needs specialized rehabilitation services, constant care, or has medical needs beyond your own capacity to assist them with, placing them in a nursing home or health care center is sometimes your only option. You expect them to care for your loved one with respect, trusting that they’ll provide an exceptional level of care.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Nursing home negligence and abuse is a problem here in Illinois as well as across the US that many aren’t even aware is occurring. In fact, as many as 5 million elderly Americans in nursing home care are neglected or abused every year— and there are potentially more, as many go unreported due to inability to communicate or even fear of repercussions. It could even be your loved one who isn’t getting proper care. Many Illinois health care facilities and nursing homes have long lists of state and federal health violations, citations; and in some cases, may even have paid penalties and lost Medicare payments.

The attorneys at Levin & Perconti actively fight on behalf of families and their loved ones who have been subject to nursing home neglect and abuse. We are revealing these unsavory details about the alleged sexual abuse, unsanitary kitchen conditions, and haphazard patient transfers. Read on for more details about the concerning level of care at Alden Long Grove:

About Alden Long Grove

  • Facility name: Alden Long Grove Rehabilitation and Health Care Center
  • Facility address: 2308 Old Hicks Road, Long Grove, IL 60047
  • Facility phone: (847) 438-8275

Alden Long Grove Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is a 246 bed for-profit rehabilitative care and nursing facility. Alden makes their care sound upscale, and that their facility is something beyond the standard. Their website boasts a holistic approach to quality care, using innovative therapies designed to send you home as quickly and safely as possible.

Luxurious accommodations and indulgent amenities are supposed to make Alden a wonderful and enjoyable place to call home while recuperating. While many Alden facilities are highly rated by Medicare, and have very few care violations on record, there are always exceptions. Alden Long Grove is one of them:

01/31/2018 Failure to protect each resident from all types of abuse such as physical, mental, sexual abuse, physical punishment, and neglect by anybody. Two individuals were inappropriately touched and spoken to in a sexual manner while receiving care. One resident was made extremely uncomfortable, and was left feeling shameful and angry after the CNA made sexually charged comments while providing incontinence care.

Another resident stated they were slapped on the behind in a suggestive manner, the CNA exposed his own behind to them several times, and in another incident, he made her uncomfortable by running his hands down her body. The report references other sexual abuse and harassment incidents but provides no details. This CNA was, in the end, terminated.

06/21/2017 Failure to protect each resident from all types of abuse such as physical, mental, sexual abuse, physical punishment, and neglect by anybody. While in the room to provide assistance to a resident with repositioning in bed, a male CNA made sexual advances on the resident. He closed the door to the room, exposed himself and placed the residents’ hand on his genitals. When she pulled away from him, he pulled up his pants and casually talked a few more minutes before leaving the room.

10/18/2017 Failure to make sure that the nursing home area is free from accident hazards and risks and provides supervision to prevent avoidable accidents. Two residents that are a high risk for falls and injuries were observed being transferred inappropriately and unsafely. The first resident was transferred using a gait belt and a rolled blanket. This resident cannot bear weight and stand. According to records and facility policy, the resident should have been transferred using a mechanical lift. Another resident was observed being pulled by the hands to a standing position. A gait belt should be used in assisting transfers for this resident.

10/18/2017 Failure to prepare food that is nutritional, appetizing, tasty, attractive, well-cooked, and at the right temperature. Based on interviews and observation, food that should be hot is frequently served cold. The serving carts are not insulated and are covered only with a plastic bag during meal service. When residents asked to have their food heated up, they were told there was no microwave downstairs and it was left at that.

10/18/2017 Failure to store, cook, and serve food in a safe and clean way. Cooking utensils and pans were observed to not be properly sanitized. The staff member dunked pans and utensils into the sanitizer sink and immediately placed in the drying pan. The sanitizer is not effective when used in this manner, the items must soak for at least one minute to actually sanitize.

If you are concerned about the care at Alden Grove Rehabilitation and Health Care Center or any other Illinois nursing home, reach out to us at Levin & Perconti to find out more about their care history. It isn’t in the nursing home’s best business interest to be up front with this information, so someone you care about may be suffering and possibly unable to fully communicate that there is a problem.

At Levin & Perconti, our expert elder abuse attorneys are constantly researching health care centers and nursing homes throughout the state of Illinois, staying up to date on the health violations, citations, and federal fines these facilities have incurred. We represent the affected families and their loved ones, holding the facilities responsible for their negligent actions. At Levin & Perconti, we’ve seen the many ways that nursing home neglect and abuse may present. Some of these matters include:

How You can get Help

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Disclaimer: The above inspection findings are taken from public sources, including the Illinois Department of Health and from Medicare inspection conducted at the facility. Levin & Perconti cannot confirm that this page’s content represents the latest information available. The inspection findings published here are not complete. You may find the most up to date information at or Any deficiencies/citations listed on this page may have been corrected or substantially corrected after the date of the inspection and date of publishing this material. This page is a legal advertisement and a resource of information for visitors. This material is not endorsed by the facility identified or by any governmental agency. Levin and Perconti does not have any affiliation with the facility mentioned.