Birth Injury Due to Breech Birth Complications

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When you are preparing to have a child, there is enough to worry about without also being concerned that something could go wrong during the birth itself. However, people do make mistakes, and infants and families can become the victims of birth injuries.

A breech birth occurs when an infant enters the birth canal feet first (instead of head first). When this happens, there is an increased risk for birth injury or infant death. Although a breech presentation only occurs in three to four percent of labors that go to term, the risk is actually higher in premature babies.

A medical provider can usually determine if an infant is presenting in a breech position before childbirth by conducting the proper examinations and tests. If discovered early, they can perform adjustments to reposition the baby, or they may choose to deliver the baby by cesarean section. However, if medical providers fail to conduct the right tests or take proper precautions once it’s evident that the birth is breech or there is another complication, there are serious concerns that both the baby and mother could be seriously harmed.

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Breech Birth Injuries

There are a number of complications and birth injuries that can result from a breech birth, such as umbilical cord prolapse, which occurs when the cord becomes compressed as the infant moves through the birth canal. This compression can cut off the baby's oxygen and blood supply, and if the baby is not delivered immediately, it may experience brain damage or death.

Additionally, when a baby's body is delivered first, its head can become caught inside the mother and spinal cord or other nerve damage can occur when practitioners attempt to dislodge the baby. Since physicians have limited time to deliver a baby in a breech situation, there is also a higher risk for birth trauma.

Other potential injuries associated with a breech birth include:

  • Birth asphyxia;
  • Brain damage from bleeding;
  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Seizures; and
  • Others.

Some of these injuries lead to severe developmental challenges, such as interfering with the ability to walk or learn. They can also lead to permanent damage in muscle coordination.

Birth Injury Lawyers

If your family has experienced trauma as a result of breech birth complications, an experienced birth injury attorney can assist you and provide guidance on what your options are for obtaining justice. Our birth injury lawyers are well-versed in these types of cases. For example, we received a $6.71 verdict against a Chicago hospital for a girl who suffered brachial plexus injuries that crippled her left arm during a breech birth.

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