Doctors Should Work To Avoid Birth Trauma and Birth Injuries

how to avoid birth injuries

Your Doctor Should Be Doing All They Can to Avoid a Birth Injury to Your Baby

In many instances, birth trauma can be avoided if doctors recognize and foresee medical risk factors using regular prenatal visits, ultrasounds, exams, medications, and tests. But negligent actions on the part of the physician, nurse, or even a health care technician an occur and may be caused by:

  • misdiagnosis of fetal conditions
  • medical record mistake or patient error coding
  • failure to follow-up with additional imaging or order
  • lack of education, experience, or proper training on equipment
  • old, defective, or damaged equipment
  • providing poor or distorted imaging
  • misinterpretation of ultrasound results
  • further testing
  • provider challenges caused by understaffing

Preventative tests and procedures should also be a proactive measure used to support monitoring a mother’s health or to check the fetus’ position in the weeks and days before labor to help prevent birth trauma and injuries.

Questions to Ask If a Tragedy Occurs Due to Missteps in Birth Injury Prevention

Parents of a child who suffered a birth injury will have many questions. Keep a notebook to record the information that you receive so it can be more easily communicated later. Some of the many important questions to ask might include:

  • What injury occurred?
  • Was the injury preventable?
  • What tests are needed?
  • Does my require surgery, and how soon?
  • What is the treatment for the injury?
  • What is the prognosis for recovery, short-term and long-term?
  • Will any advanced medical treatment be needed?
  • How long with recovery take?
  • What should we expect as parents?
  • What additional challenges should we anticipate as our child grows?

It may be wise to get another medical opinion regarding the birth injury as with any medical condition. This is especially important if the injury may have been caused by the doctor currently treating the baby. Some injuries are apparent immediately, while others may not surface for weeks, months, or even years.

It’s entirely reasonable for families considering a birth injury lawsuit to feel a range of emotions, including thoughts of helplessness and sadness after a medical professional who was once trusted failed them. However, suppose something happens to a mother or an infant before, during, or after the birth process that has caused an injury. In that case, legal advice can help provide answers, especially when faced with a lifetime of medical costs and challenges resulting from the incident.

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