Why Are Birth Injury Lawsuits Unique?

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Birth injuries involve some of the most difficult tragedies that families have to get through. While most deliveries go smoothly, mistakes are sometimes made, and warning signs missed, leading medical professionals to sometimes make poor choices which can lead to injury, lifelong medical attention, and sometimes even death. These mistakes can include those made during prenatal care, sometimes due to prescription errors.

If you or your baby has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you want to ensure that your legal rights are represented by someone who is familiar with this specific area of the law and the medical facts. While these claims sometimes involve medical malpractice, there can also be additional claims based on the specific fact scenario and who is at fault. Deciphering between whether a child’s injury is due to a mistake made during their birth or due to a genetic defect requires the opinion of medical specialists and experts, and these experts need to work with knowledgeable attorneys in order to properly present the facts of the case.

When choosing an attorney for your birth injury lawsuit, it is crucial to choose a law firm that has achieved consistent results for their clients in birth injury cases. It is important for medical malpractice attorneys to have a strong knowledge of complex medical issues to truly understand the potential negligence at hand. Our birth injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti have handled a number of lawsuits on behalf of clients suffering from serious birth injuries, and through this experience we have come to understand the causes, symptoms and proper treatments for a variety of birth injuries. This wealth of medical knowledge allows us to identify negligent action in a birth injury matter.

Birth Injuries Due To Medical Negligence

Some of the mistakes medical professionals make during the delivery process can result in:

These injuries are unique birth injuries that do not apply to other areas of medical malpractice.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations sets forth the maximum amount of time that a person has to bring legal action against a negligent healthcare provider after an injury occurs. In Illinois, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice involving minors under the age of 18 is eight years, with no action allowed after a person reaches 22 years of age. Therefore, families have eight years to take legal action after an injury occurs at birth.

Birth Injury Attorneys

If your child was injured during birth due to medical malpractice by a healthcare provider, our Chicago injury attorneys are able to help you seek justice and fair compensation for your child's lifelong medical needs, loss of potential income, and pain and suffering. Please call our office at 312-332-2872 or 877-374-1417 or complete our online medical malpractice case intake form and an experienced birth injury attorney will call you back soon.